Financial literacy Month

November is a month that is dedicated to a lot of things, for instance, Movember, which is probably what it is most famous for. But there is another big thing in November, Financial Literacy Month. Financial Literacy month is dedicated to teaching people how to become responsible when making investments and saving money.

For FLM 2014 our Personal Finance 30 class decided to put on a fair and other events for the lead up to the fair. The group I was in focused on making a video to promote the fair and the promote wisely spending money. For the video we decided to have sock puppets to show your Id and Superego. They were shown how they have always been shown, as a devil and an angel. We had them sitting on either side of the person trying to decide whether to buy a new PS4. We spent about a week on the filming of the video then an additional 4-5 hours editing it all together. In the end the video was good and did get the message of spending wisely came through. Even though we hit some rough patches when filming and editing we did our best and got it done.

In all I feel the whole fair and video went well. The fair brought in some businesses from around the city to come in and set up a booth so they could talk to students about what their businesses do and good ways to save money. I hope the students learned a lot from the fair and will apply what they learned later in life.


Genius Hour: A Musical Experience

In out Personal Finance class we have started to do our genius hour projects. For those of you that don’t know what Genius Hour is, it is where you pick a topic that you are interested in and work with a partner or on your own and complete the project and present it to the class. For the project my friend Hanna and I decided to work together on the topic of “How much it would cost to be apart of the music industry”. We chose this topic because we are both interested in music. Neither Hanna or I play an  instrument but music is a big part of our lives and we both aspire to learn to play one in the future. We are hoping our project will be of good use to people who are thinking of being part of the music industry such as aspiring musician, song writers and record producers. We have also made a list of questions that we would like to find the answer to. We plan to find the answer to one question a day. We are also gong to Google these questions as well as ask my cousin Paul who was in a band and would be able to help us with any question we would have.

Twitter Chatting

There are many people out there who don’t know know what a Tweet Chat is. A Tweet Chat is when you send out a discussion question on Twitter and other people can join in the discussion. On Thursday using the hash tag #camhoobiz our class, Business and Social Technology 10 and 20 took part in a Tweet Chat with the students from Hoover High School in Alabama. The discussion had the theme of social media. The discussion went really well and we also had some outside people join in on our topics and were answering the questions being asked. i fond that this tweet chat was a great way to interact with the students from Hoover. Here is a screen shot of some of the tweets about it.


Saskatchewan Businesses: A look at SaskEnergy and Saskatchewan’s Economy

Saskatchewan is a really nice place to live. It is situated between Manitoba and Alberta. Saskatchewan has some bitterly cold winters with temperatures hitting as low as -50 degrees Celsius  but get beautiful warm summers. The province also is the distributor of most of the worlds Potash. The population of Saskatchewan is 1,117,503 as of January 1 2014.

In 1874 natural gas was discovered in Saskatchewan. But like many natural gas discoveries in those days, it was treated as a failure to find oil. The first commercial oil well in Canada was in production in 1906, but the presence of natural gas in a well was treated as a nuisance until the 1930’s. Due to their lucky coincidence of near by natural gas discoveries, three towns in Saskatchewan had their own natural gas system before the provincial utility franchise was created. They were Lloydminster in 1934, Kamsack in 1937, and Unity in 1944. In 1954, SaskPower was designated as the provincial authority in the distribution of natural gas. This created a captive new market and resulted in a flurry of drilling activity in Saskatchewan. Regina first received natural gas service in 1957. A quiet revolution was happening in Saskatchewan as each town along the route of these high-power lines continued to be activated. By 1962, 140 communities had natural gas service. Over the next twenty years, both high pressure and low pressure facilities expanded to provide service to nearly every community in Saskatchewan of any significant size. From 1962 to 1982, the gas distribution system doubled in size to meet the needs of 227,500 services. In 1988 SaskEnergy was created as a separate crown corporation from SaskPower to operate the natural gas system that had been built by SaskPower up to that point. SaskEnergy

SaskEnergy Logo

SaskEnergy Logo

has enough distribution pipeline to circle the Earth at the equator 1 ½  times.  Natural gas provides about 92% (as of 2002) of homes in Saskatchewan with clean, inexpensive.

SaskEnergy is Saskatchewan’s natural gas distribution company, a provincial company with roots in Saskatchewan for more than a century. SaskEnergy delivers safe, convenient and environmentally friendly natural gas to more than 373,000 residential, farm, commercial and industrial consumers throughout Saskatchewan. They purchase natural gas from independent suppliers and transport it through their 68,500 kilometer distribution system to 93% of Saskatchewan communities. They also work with SaskEnergy Networks 150 independent natural gas retailers and contractors throughout Saskatchewan to give us access to natural gas appliances, service, finances and Natural Choice Service furnace maintenance service. Participating networks members offer AIR MILES reward miles. In October 2008, SaskEnergy was named one of “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” by Mediacorp Canada Inc., and was featured in Maclean’s news magazine . Later that month, SaskEnergy was named one of Saskatchewan’s top employers, which was announced by the Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Regina’s Leader-Post newspaper. The current minister responsible for SaskEnergy is Dustin Duncan.

Ireland: A land of beauty and myths.

For this post I have chosen to write about the country I was originally born which is Ireland. Ireland has lots of history behind it becoming a republic and the struggle to receive independence from Great Britain. It also has beautiful countrysides with rolling hills, ruins of old stone wall, castles and stone houses. Ireland doesn’t have the best weather in the world, it is mostly damp and/or raining but when you get see it on a day when the sun actually shines it looks just like the pictures you would see on a post card. Since Ireland is so small it doesn’t take that long to get anywhere. It would normally take you no more than half an hour to get from one County to another (County’s are Provinces or states). The Catholic religion has a very strong presence in Ireland. It would mostly be the older generation that would have a very strong faith due to the fact that they were made to believe everything.

Antrim countryside

                    Antrim countryside      

There is also a lot of legends in Ireland about mythical creatures, people and places that have been passed down through the generations. There are stories about people who go to mythical lands over the ocean where you stay young forever. This story is about Oisin who is part of an ancient warrior group called the Fianna. He falls in love with Niamh who is from Tir na nOg. This story is told to children in primary school during history. In schools across Ireland they try to keep the myths alive. The children also love to hear them because they are so different. All the myths and legends are from century’s ago that would have been told around a fire by the older members of the community to the children to keep them out of harms way. There are so many more myths and legends out there if you would like to read more you can do so here.